The Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) was formed by consolidating the activities of three associations: Quebec Forest Industries Association (QFIA), Quebec Lumber Manufacturers Association (QLMA) and the Association de déroulage et sciage de feuillus du Québec (ADSFQ).

The QFIA was founded in 1924 and, at the time of the merger, was headed by Mr. André Duchesne. The AMSBQ was founded in 1953 and led by Mr. Jacques Robitaille until 2003. The ADSFQ was incorporated in 1997 and was represented by Mr. Florent Boivin, who today is the QFIC’s assistant manager for forestry.

Since January 2003, the majority of businesses working in the softwood lumber and pulp and paper industries in Quebec have been grouped into a single entity. In 2004, enterprises operating in the industries of sawmilling and hardwood veneer joined the QFIC. As a result, the new QFIC has become a major force in this critical economic sector of Quebec and the regions in particular.

Quebec’s first President-General Manager was Mr. Georges Courteau, who took office in 2003. He held this position until 2005, at which time he was succeed by Mr. Guy Chevrette, who served as President for six years, until December 31, 2010, following an extension of his mandate. The year 2011 began with a new President-General Manager, Mr. André Tremblay. Until very recently, he occupied the position of General Manager at the Produits forestiers Saguenay sawmill.

The QFIC is currently led by a Board of Directors composed of 30 delegated administrators elected by its members, of which thirteen (13) are from the softwood lumber and the hardwood sawmill and veneer non-integrated companies sector; five (5) from the integrated softwood lumber sector; ten (10) from the pulp, paper, boards and paperboard sector and one (1) as a representative from associate members.

The QFIC is thus the main voice of the forest industry in Quebec. The organization represents the interests of companies in the fields of softwood and hardwood lumber, veneer, pulp, paper, paperboard and boards. The Council is dedicated to defending the interests of these enterprises and promoting their contribution to socioeconomic development; it also actively encourages integrated management, sustainable forest management, and the optimal use of natural resources.
The QFIC works with government bodies, public and parapublic agencies, various other organizations and the general public. It encourages responsible behaviour among its members regarding the environmental, economic and social dimensions of their activities.

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