Social Involvement

Support for community initiatives: a key priority

Not only is the QFIC the voice of the industry, but it is called on to join forces with all forestry players to confront the major challenges affecting the sector’s development and support community initiatives to address those challenges, specifically by developing the informational component with a view to building awareness among the general public and, specifically the education sector.

The QFIC sees an urgent need to enhance the image of the forest sector, particularly by correcting perceptions that often represent a distorted view of the real situations. To this end, the QFIC collaborated with the Government of Quebec on producing a document released on December 8, 2009, entitled: L’industrie forestière: une industrie à revaloriser [The Forest Industry: An Industry to be Valued], which recommended:


  • Developing an introductory approach to the forestry world at the primary and secondary school levels with programs based on scientific knowledge of forests as opposed preconceptions;
  • Launching a campaign to promote wood as an important material and the benefits of harvesting within the framework of a sustainability strategy ;
  • Promoting the forest industry as a sector that offers young people a promising future;
  • Promoting a viable policy of wood use, in collaboration with the Government of Quebec;
  • Helping to build a showcase to attract young people.
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