QFIC provides representation in three sectors to government bodies on file relating to forestry, energy, environment, economy, markets, taxation and industrial relations.

  • Publications (Pribec, Bulletin économique, Fibrexpression, PDG)
  • Coordination of public relations and media relations
  • Market intelligence for all sectors
Energy and Environment
  • Energy studies on potential reduction of GHGs
  • Studies on the energy performance of equipment (kilns)
  • Energy efficiency of industry-specific programs
  • Energy audits of processing plants
  • Administrative follow-up
  • Validation services and/or reporting of GHG emissions
Quality control
  • Quality inspection and phytosanitary control
  • Training in drying, sawmilling and grading
  • Building and infrastructure inspection
  • Lumber destination inspection
  • Wood export certification
  • Implementation of chains of custody (CoC)
  • Support to QFIC members in improving product quality (technical assistance)
Industrial relations
  • Representation on technical committees of regulatory review
  • Strategic intelligence on workforce-related issues
  • Wage surveys
  • Sectoral diagnostics
  • Information to members on issues related to industrial relations
Events & Social Involvement
  • Annual Convention and benefit dinner
  • Golf tournament
  • Specialized conferences (“Estates general” on wood, workshop-conferences on wood drying and/or processing, etc.)
  • Annual meeting for members
  • Scholarship awards for students in the professional, college and university sectors

Supporting partners and various educational projects related to forestry culture (regional forest associations, sectoral committees, etc.) 

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